INBOTS webinar on educational robotics by EDUMOTIVA

This is an evaluation questionnaire for the teachers/educators/trainers who have attended the webinar organised by EDUMOTIVA  & the INBOTS project on July 20, 2020.

Your feedback and comments are much appreciated and will be used only for evaluation purposes.


There are 8 questions in this survey.
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* Has the webinar motivated you to implement similar actions/projects with your students/trainees? 
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* Was the webinar helpful for you to implement the same or similar projects with your students/trainees?
  yes uncertain no
* what did you like more in the webinar?
* what did you like less in the webinar?
* after the webinar, do you feel more confident to implement in your class projects like those presented in the webinar?
Choose one of the following answers


in the webinar you have seen two versions of the lighthouse project, the Arduino-based & Chibitronics-based version. If these two versions are realised by children aged 10+, compare them rating each item in a scale 1-10, where 1= not at all, 10= very much

  it is easy for children to make the circuitry it is easy for children to make the code (programming) unnecessary technical details are hidden from the children the technologies allow children to design their own peojects the hardware is open to children's manipulations students can understand how the system works the circuitry is transparent for children the technologies are familiar to children the technologies allow children to focus on creative tasks and not on technicalities the project is good to prepare children for engineering jobs the project helps students express their creativity
Arduino-based project
Chibitronics-based project