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Our projects

Our projects

Edumotiva participates in a number of EU funded projects. Here you can access all the projects that run through Edumotiva as well as projects that have been completed.


INBOTS (H2020 | CSA| ICT 28-2017| 2017-2020)

eCraft2Learn (H2020 | RIA |2016-2018)

Learning technologies- applied research

RoboScientists (Erasmus+ KA2| 2018-2021)

IoT – We are the makers! (Erasmus+ KA2| 2017-2020)

HOLOMAKERS (Erasmus+ KA2 | 2017-2019)

MAKEITREAL (Erasmus+ KA2| 2016-2018)

Construit! project (Erasmus+ KA2| 2014-2017)

ROBOESL project (Erasmus+ KA2|2015-2017)

Boosting ICT education (Estonian project)

Technologies for well-being, social inclusion and intercultural and peer learning 

CULPEER (Erasmus+ KA2|2016-2018)

HEALTHEDU (Erasmus+ KA2 |2016-2018)

Focal project  (Grundtvig LLP | 2012-2014)