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Curricula & open educational resources

Curricula & open educational resources

The INBOTS curricula:

A paradigm shift to make robotics education inclusive for all the children

Pedagogical framework and key considerations, Learning Objectives, Technologies and tools

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Handbook with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning projects for schools

This handbook includes 8 projects from the field of AI and machine learning that were produced in the framework of EDU4AI Erasmus+ project. The aim of these projects is to showcase AI-enhanced apps and intelligent artefacts that were developed through the implementation of different AI-related services, technologies and tools. The projects were designed by the partners, constituting the EDU4AI partnership, and were piloted by schools in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. Additionally, the handbook also contains a number of lessons aiming to familiarise educators and students with the field of AI and machine learning. Moreover, the produced material is enhanced with relevant Open Educational Resources (OERs) for both educators and students, such as teacher’s guidelines, students’ worksheets and videos. Additionally, following the feedback provided by teachers and students during the piloting of the projects, the present handbook also includes refinements and lessons learned.

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