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Roboscientists project celebrates EURobotics week 2020

The Roboscientists event revolves around a series of 3 webinars . Due to covid-19 the event will be held online. The 3 webinars will guide the participating teachers in the construction of the DIY automobile robotic artefact with Arduino technology and Mblock, a block-based programming environment.

Topics per session:
Session 1: Crafting & wiring
Session 2: Programming movement
Session 3: Avoiding obstacles

The webinars start on November 9th at 18:20 Greek time (17:20 CET time) and last 1 hour each.

The webinars are organised as part of the Erasmus+ Project Roboscientists 2018-1-PL01-KA201-051129.

Please express your interest in participating using the link below:

INBOTS Summer School

We invite teachers/educators across Europe that are active in primary/secondary education to participate in the INBOTS summer school that is going to take place in Athens (Greece) on July 13-18, 2020. postponed for Summer 2021

The summer school targets also students. Therefore the teachers that are interested in participating, can optionally invite and accompany a small group of their students (13-17 years old).

Are you interested in participating? Learn more here

Send by April 15, 2020 your interest to participatelink

Bringing up success stories

Χαιρόμαστε όταν τα παιδιά επιμένουν παρά τις δυσκολίες και τα εμπόδια, διερευνούν, δημιουργούν, παίρνουν πρωτοβουλίες και μετασχηματίζουν τις εμπειρίες τους σε κάτι χρήσιμο για περισσότερα παιδιά!

Αυτή είναι και η περίπτωση του Abu! Αξίζει να την διαβάσετε!


INBOTS Workshop with Teachers in Athens: the Uptake of Robotics in Education

In the frame of the INBOTS project and the European Robotics Week 2018, a workshop on the uptake of Robotics in education was organized by EDUMOTIVA. The workshop took place on December 1, 2018 at EDUMOTIVA premises in Athens, where teachers engaged in educational robotics were invited to present and discuss their experiences. Read a summary report

INBOTS project – Survey on Robotics in education

Learning robotics is nowadays no more limited to engineering and technical studies.

Robots are spreading outside factories, in everyday life, and this requires that a much wider part of the society becomes aware of how robots are made and can be controlled. In this respect, education plays a fundamental role and INBOTS is compromised with it with a team working on the promotion of highly-accesible and multidisciplinary education programs related to Interactive Robotics.

To ensure that all the remarkable issues are attached, INBOTS presents three surveys to identify what are the available educational initiatives for teaching robotics to people with different backgrounds, from school and University students to teachers, workers, and experts in non-engineering fields.

The results of the questionnaires will help to develop adequate strategies and teaching material to fulfill possible gaps and to allow the spread of the knowledge of robotics at different levels in the society.

Do you want to contribute to better education programs on Robotics?

Survey Robotics education for non-roboticists

Survey Robotics education in schools

Survey Robotics education in universities