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Virtual Galleries as Learning Scaffolds for Promoting Problem-Based Learning

New paper from EDUMOTIVA published (invited) in Education Sciences Journal, open access https://www.mdpi.com/2570128

Introducing Artificial Intelligence in school education: the Edu4AI project

our new paper published in proceedings of the EUTIC Conference- Ionian University, Greece, 2023

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cite as: Papasarantou, C., Alimisis, D., Geramani, K. and Ioannidis, G. (2022) “Introducing Artificial Intelligence in school education: the Edu4AI project”, in proceedings of the 17th edition of the EUTIC Conference- In the intersection of Art, Science and Technology: Dialogos between humans and machines, Department of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, pp. 272-280, available online: https://avarts.ionio.gr/eutic/en/proceedings/

the BeReady handbook

Supporting the continuation of teaching STEM subjects during the COVID-19
Pandemic through project-based online practices.

Teachers and educators will find several tools to facilitate student online learning and engagement in STEM projects.

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Artificial Intelligence for Υoung Students: The Edu4AI Project Handbook

open access, available online

cite as: Papasarantou, C, Alimisis, D, Geramani, K, Ioannidis, G, and Theodoropoulos, E, (2022) “Artificial Intelligence for Υoung Students: The Edu4AI Project Handbook”, Proceeding of 14th Conference on Informatics in Education 2022, GREEK COMPUTER SOCIETY, pp. 21-31, available online

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to foster 21st century skills in secondary education (2020-22)

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