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Our mission

Our mission

Welcome to Edumotiva, an innovative non-profit organization based in Sparta and Athens, Greece. We serve as a hub for dedicated professionals within the realm of Educational Sciences and Learning Technologies, as well as external collaborators, including esteemed teachers, certified trainers, researchers, and instructional designers. Our core mission is to empower learners of all ages with transformative education and training that not only enhance their individual lives but also leave a profound impact on the communities they engage with.

At Edumotiva, we are driven by a resolute commitment to making learning authentic, meaningful, and relevant for the current generation of students. Our vision extends beyond the classroom, encompassing adults, including educators, who are eager to cultivate 21st-century skills. Through cutting-edge training programs in the area of Robotics, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) tailored for citizens of all ages, we empower individuals to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

We maintain close ties with primary, secondary, and vocational schools. We also collaborate closely with public institutions for adult education, along with diverse associations focused on culture, art, societal challenges, volunteering, and more. While based in Sparta and Athens, our influence extends across various European cities, fostering a dynamic network of learning and collaboration.

The driving force behind Edumotiva lies in a diverse spectrum of activities, including research, innovation, creative pedagogical design, design and evaluation of learning interventions, and immersive education and training initiatives. We bring together a remarkable assembly of individuals, each boasting a wealth of experience in educational and research endeavors at regional, national, and European levels.

Edumotiva proudly embraces the Maker Movement in Education, infusing a vibrant maker spirit into our initiatives. As supporters of this movement, we orchestrate a plethora of activities designed to nurture creativity, DIY culture, and hands-on learning. Our commitment extends to establishing makerspaces, orchestrating engaging maker activities, and even launching the revolutionary mobile makerspace model. Through these endeavors, we ignite the passion for making and empower learners to be active creators in their educational journeys.

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