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Our mission

Our mission

Edumotiva – European Lab for Educational Technology is a not for profit organization based in Sparta, Greece that brings together professionals active in the area of Educational Sciences and Learning Technologies and external collaborators, mainly teachers, certified trainers, researchers and instructional designers. Edumotiva’s aim is to offer learners of all ages education and training that will improve their lives, influence their thinking, impact on the communities within they act.

Edumotiva aims at making learning’real, meaningful and relevant’ for the new generation of students and at supporting adults (including teachers) in developing 21st century skills through innovative training programs for citizens of all ages.

Edumotiva maintains close ties with primary, secondary and vocational schools, public institutions for adult education and various associations that have a focus on culture, art, societal problems, volunteering and more in the region of Sparta but also in other Greek cities.

The key activities of Edumotiva are: research, innovation, instructional design, evaluation, education and training. Edumotiva brings together people with rich experience in educational and research projects at regional, national and European level.

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