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Looking behind the Sunflower Image

  Making construals is a way of using computers that supports the imagination. Our thought-world often contains many disparate ingredients jumbled together – illustrated in this picture of a sunflower. The composite image symbolises how our minds can integrate, ot least hold together, multiple viewpoints of different agencies and contexts by blending the patterns of […]


Conference poster just released

The conference poster is now available on our website     Click here for the full quality PDF version of the poster. We would be grateful for your help in distributing the poster.    


Write a short abstract for CONSTRUIT 2017

Study the Theme and the Call for Contributions pages and compose an abstract (maximum 500 words) for a presentation or a paper (perhaps both) at CONSTRUIT 2017. Don’t wait for the deadline (13th June) because after submission, and within two weeks, we’ll send you some feedback and your interests will help shape the conference programme.


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