CONSTRUIT 2017 | How to make a contribution

How to make a contribution


Your conference starts here … shaping the programme with your input

We are excited by your interest in making a contribution to the conference – thank you! The abstracts – which are now coming in – we are treating as ‘expressions of interest’: interest in the broad theme of ‘Making, Thinking and Learning’ and perhaps in some very particular themes within that wide scope.

We are hoping that the great majority of participants at the conference will have submitted an abstract indicating their interest. There will not be time for everyone to have a half-hour slot, nevertheless we want everyone’s abstract (possibly with some revision) to be taken into account in the programme content.

The days of Thursday, Friday, Saturday will be loosely themed according to the three topics identified in the Call for Contributions. The final Sunday morning will be considering the ways forward for the CONSTRUIT! project and its principles and methods. There will be a number of invited speakers – some of those who have already accepted are listed on the webpages. And there will be a number of invited and accepted presentations or workshops (typically half an hour).

We are also planning to ‘group’ abstracts loosely according to themes and invite co-ordinators to bring people with similar interests together as soon as possible, virtually, perhaps long before the conference begins. We hope this will promote some exchange of methods, collaboration, views on strengths and weaknesses, etc in advance of the physical conference. We shall try and ensure, where possible, that technical help is available to assist makers and collaborators – in whatever methods they are choosing. In this way many submissions might be represented in a single session at the conference by means of posters, memory sticks, webpages, etc as well as a summary presentation on a theme.

We have identified a number of themes for which we know we already have considerable interest, such as music, mechanisms, mathematics, medicine, games. But the actual sessions to be in the final programme are dependent on the submissions made by participants.

That’s why we urge you to express your interests as soon as possible, and we can then begin to arrange these themes and their co-ordinators. Don’t wait until June to send in your abstract!¬† The programmme will be finalised in the week of 13th June.

It will make for a more rewarding conference for us all if there has been significant ‘pre-work’ and communication before the actual meeting.

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