CONSTRUIT 2017 | Invited speakers

Invited speakers

Invited speakers include:

  • Richard Cartwright (CTO, Streampunk Media Ltd) Abstract | Biography
  • Charles Crook  (Professor of ICT and Education, Director of the Learning Science Research Institute, University of Nottingham, UK) Abstract | Biography
  • Frank James (Professor of the History of Science, UCL London and Head of Collections at the Royal Institution, London, UK)  Abstract | Biography
  • Willard McCarty (Professor of Humanities Computing, King’s College, London, UK) Abstract | Biography
  • Daniel K Schneider (Professor of Educational Technology, University of Geneva, Switzerland) Abstract | Biography
  • Matti Tedre (Professor of Computing, University of Eastern Finland, FI) Abstract | Biography
  • Richard Windle (Senior Lecturer in E-Learning, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK) and Mike Taylor (Learning Technologist and Media Developer, University of Nottingham, UK) Abstract | Biography 





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