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European Robotics Week 2018: invitation for teachers-workshop on the uptake of robotics in education

European Robotics Week 2018

Celebrating the European robotic week 2018, EDUMOTIVA invites teachers experineced or interested in educational robotics to participate in a workshop/discussion on “the uptake of robotics in education: drivers and barriers” . During this workshop, EDUMOTIVA team and teachers will present their own experiences about the introduction of robotics in education and in school curriculum and will identify drivers and barriers for the uptake of robotics in education.

where: EDUMOTIVA, Kapnikareas 19A (1st floor), Monastiraki, Athens

when: December 1, 2108, 12-2 pm

Euroepan Robotics Week 2018: robotics labs for school kids

European Robotics Week 2018

EDUMOTIVA in cooperation with the Industrial Gas Museum/Technopolis City of Athens will provide two workshops  (of one hour each) for 50 students from local secondary schools in Athens. The students in small groups will play and interact with several educational robots appropriate for their age and using tangible programming.

The workshops are included in the celebrations of the European Robotics Week 2018.

when: November 21 & 30, 2018, 9.30-11.30 am

where: Technopolis City of Athens